Viewing Filter

The Viewing Filter is called when the player places an object over the Characters's 'Eye' to see how much it weighs, etc.

There are only three paramters.  They can be fetched with the &PARAM@ operation.

There are a total of eight phrases that can be printed:
Each of the eight phrases is printed only if the 'PhraseMask' has the corresponding bit set.  Bit zero for the first phrase, etc.  This mask can be manipulated with the &DESCRIBE operation.  The PhraseMask is initialized to print those phrases that apply to the object.  For example, an Apple is 'CONSUMABLE' so bit zero would be set.



This DSA operation is used to manipulate the 'PhraseMask' and the text associated with any of the eight phrases that can be printed when an object is 'viewed'.  The syntax is:
    &DESCRIBE ( location  index  color. . . )
'index' is zero through seven.....which of the eight pharases is being modified.
'location' can be one of three things:
'color' is the color that the text will appear.  The parenthesized list of phrases all will appear in the same color.  There are six possible phrases that can be printed within the paretheses.  The last of these that is actually printed will determine the color of the entire list.  The last two of the eight phrases ( Index 6 and index 7 ) can each be set to its own individual color.  So, altogether, only three colors can appear at one time.