This is a savegame file for DM PC.

I've converted the dungeon of Chaos Strikes Back to the Dungeon Master format.
You will play with Halk gonzo !


Download the zip file
Extract all the files into any directory. (we will call this the 'root directory').
See Standard PC-DOS files.  This game has already been started and there is no 'DUNGEON'DAT' file in the 'DATA' sub-directory.  Instead, you will find two additional files: 'DMSAVE.DAT' in the root directory and 'DMSAVE.DAT' in the 'DATA' sub-directory.  When you start playing, you will use the 'DMSAVE.DAT' fiel in the root directory.  When you save the game you will overwrite 'DMSAVE.DAT' in the root directory.  If you want to start the game over then you should copy the file from the 'DATA' sub-folder into the root directory.

Make the root directory the default directory.  Execute DM.EXE and select you configuration parameters.  You really do need a mouse.  You will be placed at the entrance to the dungeon and you should choose 'RESUME'.  See Standard PC-DOS Playing Instructions.

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