Dungeon Name:   Dungeon Master 2 - Legend of Skullkeep
Platform:       PC Dungen Master 1
Author:         Toni Ylisirniö <>
Date:           27/12/99
Programs used:    DMute 1.3

Story:          Same as Dungeon Master 2

Aim:            Get rid of Lord Chaos. You'll be given firestaff to do so when you enter the zo-link gate.

Notes:          This is as close as possible to the original Dungeon Master 2.
        I wasn't able to recreate some puzzles, but they are mostly
        replaced with my own versions. I didn't have maps for the cellars
        and caves so I have made them as I remembered (not well). Also
        items are mostly from memory.

        The outside area is mapped closely, but it is not entirely accurate.
        I had to make some areas smaller and if you try to map it on paper,
        well, good luck. Some areas won't mach properly. Skulkeep itself is
        nearly 1:1. I had to fiddle a bit with stairs and such.

        Shops work very different from DM2. When you enter you'll see the
        shop guard (stone golem in The Town, knights in the village) and
        a coin slot. Put a gold coin in slot and door opens. You can then
        browse the shop. To buy simply step into the same square as the
        item. You'll figure it out. (Oh, yes. The shop in the second village
        needs a blue gem).

        The Town, clockwise: your house, the teleport room, armor shop, tavern,
        and weapon shop.
        The 2nd Village: Tavern and equipment shop.

        The Armorer sells a full plate set (two pieces per purchase), chain set
        and two full sets of clothes (elven and wizard).
        Tavern sells torches and food (and water).
        Weapon Shop has Axe, Sword, Mace of Order, Crossbow (& arrows). Put
        a coin in second slot and you can buy delta and diamond edge.
        The equipment shop has The Inquisitor, The Hardcleave and full Armor
        of Lyf on sale for one blue gem a piece.

        You use the Mirror of Dawn to teleport at some tech eyes. Stairs work
        as usual. Ladders are substitued with teleporters. If wall behind
        the teleporter is marked with a dent then the teleporter is ladder.
        Upper dent means up and lower means down.

        Ok, thats about it. If there's still something, I'm sure you'll figure
        it out :-)
        Have fun!

Bugs:           There should be none.

Unpack into any directory on your harddrive.
See list of standard files on PC-DOS.
In addition there is a file named DUNGEON.TXT which contains some notes from the author.

See the General Notes for playing on PC-DOS.

Author: beowuuf (
Date:   08-10-02 00:54

Dungeon Master II (haven't completed this yet, buuuuuut):

Gameplay - 7
Originality - 8 - ok, so it's DM 2 - the ways this was achieved, and the fact it was done tried on DM at all, is quite remarkable
Difficulty - don't know, so far found it hard due to the creatures you first encounter
Puzzles - 7 - some nice interpretations
Size - 8/9? - quite large from when i cehcked through DMute
Replayability - lol, no clue!
Craft - 8/9 - getting round the DM limits to build up the dungeon - so impressive!
Game Ending - dunno! : )
Atmosphere - 4 - oddly, in aping DM 2, which i know the look of, and ith havign the monster out of context to represent others, i didn't feel much DM atmosphere, which is why i've nevr got round to playing it
Overall - dunno! need to play it more

Best part - so far - realising the tricks in lay out
Worst part - comparing the look to DM 2 and not connecting with it