Conflux – The Undercity

This is the unbelievably complex game created by Zyx. Amazing sounds and video effects. Multiple endings. New monsters at every turn. Clever leveling system. Extensive and wonderfully written Hint File. Different for each Champion. Dense with puzzles. A game you can complete but never finish.

A large part of Dmwiki ( is dedicated to this game. Don't go there unless you are prepared to be overwhelmed. Information and reviews are also available at in the “Custom Dungeons” section.


All the packages contain a single archive that can simply be unpacked into any directory on your system. The result should be a set of files and three sub-directories:

  1. Config – Configuration files for several different video resolutions

  2. docs – interesting files that you might like to read before you get totally lost

  3. Files – the files needed to run the game. This contains all that is actually required to play.

The main directory contains several batch files (shell scripts for linux) that automatically set the proper configuration for different video resolutions. It also contains a “Demo.bat” (Demo for linux) that will play a 'movie' of a novice (me) attempting to defeat the game. I did not get very far.


Norton Anti-virus marks the CSBwin executable as being a threat. This is based on the number of people using the file and the file's age. What sense does that make? At any rate, contact me if you have problems. I was able to get Norton to 'Whitelist' one of my programs. Here is what they wrote”

Upon further analysis and investigation we have verified your submission and, as such, the detection(s) for the following file(s) will be removed from our products:

    File name: JJJCSBwin.exe
    MD5: b77775b66ca2fb7b0689702ea457d4c9
    SHA256: 8d6be78e2505a89514c76ea9fac8990702adde0b00f2bbdc2ead12c977a00f7b
    Note: Whitelisting may take up to 24 hours to take effect via Live Update

For Windows – Conflux_Windows_x86-32

For Linux using SDL 1.2 – Conflux_linux_x86-32_SDL12

For Linux using SDL 2.0 – Conflux_linux_x86-32_SDL20

For Raspbian (Raspberry Pi) - Conflux_Raspbian_ARM-32