DESIGNER: Paul Daniel Hayes (

FORMAT: CSBWin, converted from DMPC. Contains new graphics file.

Review by Henning Knoff
Review by TyGuy6
Review by Froud
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INSTRUCTIONS: Double click the sword and away you go. Accompanying Graphics file MUST be used.

DUNGEON OVERVIEW: This is a conversion from my original DMPC dungeon. It has been revised with
a few new mechanics and features and some experimental graphics. It is a med/large dungeon,
much in style of the original DM and linear in play. It is quite difficult, but has some fun moments
and an new original ending. The beginning is much the same. Your favorite characters are all present
so you are free to use your normal tactics. Saying this, it is optimised for a 2 man team. Also it has
a basic item randomizer. This can prove to be generous, so good luck!

STORY: (not much I'm afraid! It will unfold a little as you play)
Two evil lords, Lord Redav and Lord Redro have seized an abandoned mine that was set into the side
of Mount Ful. In its heart burns a dark flame that the lords are tending, and plan to use its power to
wreak power upon the world. Their minions are guarding the abandoned site and have set many traps to
stop any foolhardy attempts to foil their plans.
Your goal is to descend to the heart of the mountain and discover the nature of the dangerous Black Flame,
and extinguish it once and for all.

HISTORY: v1.0 DMPC (25/03/03)  
         v2.0 CSBWin (25/05/05)

THANKS: To all the usual suspects, especially Paul Stevens, Rain, Zyx, Trantor, Beo and Gambit. And the people
whose graphics may have influenced a few of my designs.

PaulH (25/05/05)