This is **NOT** a game. It is a difficult puzzle that will require pencil, paper, and hard work.

It demonstrates the 'Encrypt' facility of CSBuild and provides an example of a machine-generated puzzle. The 2-D maze was randomly machine-generated. I chose one from among several dozen that the computer produced; all difficult but this one more difficult than the rest.

You will find (that is probably a bit optimistic) the ending unique...whether to your liking or not.

I will be surprised if more than one person manages to finish it. But it is logical. It is possible to figure it out without recourse to 'Luck'. For example, it took me about three hours to solve the 1-D puzzle, assuming that I knew  nothing to start with and did not possess any of the items that would have been helpful. I finished with a page of rather complex-looking (but really very simple) diagrams. I probably could have finished more quickly by running around at random but I wanted to be sure it was really 'solvable'. Good Luck.

The dungeon incorporates several features suggested by PitD. Thanks.

  1. Download the Zip file for CSBwin 
  2. Extract all the files to a single directory.  You should see 3D2D1D.exe, config.txt, dungeon.dat, and GRAPHICS.DAT.
  1. Execute 3D2D1D.exe
  2. Click on "DUNGEON"
  3. Click on "PRISON"
  4. Learn the ways of a strange world.
I think someosn did a review of the 2-D portion of this dungeon.  (Perhaps PitD?).  But I cannot find it.