DSA to Move Monster from A to B

A simple little thing.   It looks for a monster at the Parameter A location and if one is found ti moves it to the Parameter B location.
You cannot use this code in a filter.

You can cut/paste this into a text file or get the Text File Here.

Description = Move Monster A To B
State = 0
StateLocation = 0
GroupID = 0
Number of States = 1
First Displayed State = 0
Number of non-empty states = 1
State Number = 0
Number of Actions = 3
S1 = L1 L16 L15 LA L0
S0 = GS1 GC1 &MOVE
C1 = L1 L16 L15 LB L0
signature = 6A92D0AD10221EEDD584960D7ECB8EC6